Deb Camirand

Deb Camirand has been exercising at FTFF since the fall of 2011.  With the recommendation of her daughter Ashlee, she started taking Zumba Classes at that time.  When FTFF starting offering Indo-Row® classes in April of 2012, Deb gave it a try knowing a previous shoulder injury was preventing her from being able to participate in other forms of exercise.  Little did Deb know at the time that Indo-Row® would become the one and only fitness program that would fulfill all aspects of her fitness goals: cardio, toning, endurance & strength training.  She was invited by FTFF to take the Indo-Row® Instructor Certification which was a natural progression.  Her only regret was she didn’t do it sooner.  “If Indo-Row has been so beneficial to me, with previous knee and shoulder injuries, how could I not want to share those benefits with others?”  Deb’s goals for instructing are simply to encourage participants to achieve their personal best in every class, while offering a variety of music to offer something for everyone, so that at the end of every workout the “crew” can reap the benefits of a full-body workout among newfound friends and “family” at FTFF.


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