Lisa Houck

Lisa Houck is the owner of Full Throttle Fitness Factory.  She is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  Lisa is certified with AAAI, AFFA and ACE for group fitness and is also an AAAI certified group fitness instructor and has a Sports Nutrition certification.  Additionally, she is certified to teach Zumba®, Zumba Toning®, Zumba Gold®, Zumba Step®, Piloxing®, Indo-Row®, Indoor Cycling and Yoga.

Fitness and nutrition became a passion for Lisa in 2006.  One day, Lisa was doing the laundry and while carrying laundry up a flight of steps, needed to stop and take a rest to catch her breath.  Her body was hurting from the excess weight she was carrying and she was not comfortable in her own skin.

Lisa started a diet plan with Jenny Craig® where they taught her how to fuel her body properly by eating smaller meals more often.  Lisa then began to exercise and ultimately lost over 100 lbs.  As she began her exercise plight, she took group fitness classes and “hid” in the back row.  She noticed that many instructors did not pay much attention to the back row and one instructor asked her if she thinks she would make it through the class instead of encouraging her.  This fueled Lisa’s passion to work hard and become a group fitness instructor herself so she could work with those like her, in the back row.  Lisa began teaching at a large corporate-owned gym.  Her philosophy as an instructor is that everyone belongs in her classes.  She understands the challenges of those just starting out in exercise and still pushing those who have moved forward from the back row.

After a few years, Lisa realized that she wanted more, to help people thrive in their journey to being more fit.  She wanted to work where the people are the priority, not how many members signed up, if they would become personal training clients or upgrade their memberships.  It was at this point she started Full Throttle Fitness Factory.  On September 23rd, 2011 the doors to FTFF opened and a family of like-minded individuals began to form.  Today, our members are a family and we are always looking to add to it.  Come give FTFF a try!  We are all about Peace, Love and Fitness!


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