Lyndon Shade

Lyndon Shade, is a certified┬áIndo-Row┬« Instructor and has received his Primary Aerobic Instructor Certification from AAAI/ISMA. My reason to join a gym was to lose weight and feel better about my self image, I quickly realized Full Throttle Fitness Factory was more than just a gym, it became my gym family. All the group fitness classes they offer encourage you to have fun, and are super friendly and encourage all fitness levels. I tell you it is a gym where “everyone knows your name”. Rowing is my addiction and I encourage everyone I meet to try rowing, it is low impact, builds your cardio as well as 9 major muscle groups, and the group class allows all fitness levels to work out together in a high energy class that is totally controlled by the individual. I grew up in the Hamburg area and I am a service manger for a local copier/printer company for 30 years and have 2 furry kids and enjoy golfing.

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