Last April I did something I never thought I would do…I walked into a fitness center and took a Zumba class!I would never have thought about doing this however my friend, Shasta, had shown such dedication to this exercise and fitness center I thought I would give it a shot to see what all the hubbub was about.I am an overweight (man that word is even hard to type!) 44 year old woman who in no way desired to put on a pair of workout shorts much less dance in front of a mirror where others as well as myself could see, but I did it.  And 7 months later I am so happy I did it.  Did people laugh at me? Nope, they congratulated me for making the hardest step, walking into the fitness center!  The instructor was so positive and told me how great I was as I finished the full class (believe me, there were moments I thought about walking out but I stayed).  The next week I again returned, didn’t remember any of the moves however I just kept moving. I was again congratulated And I made a new friend, there was a gal who was a worse dancer than I was…(you know who you are), we laughed at how bad we were but we kept moving. Another gal yelled that she loved my moves!

The next week I again Zumba’d however I felt brave enough to attempt this new class,  Indo Row.  I FELL IN LOVE!  Its a rocky relationship, however for 45 minutes every other day I am venturing out at 5:30 in the morning to row.  Yeah the overweight (however way less overweight now than in April!!) 44 year old is now a dedicated rower, so much that I was happy to get a spot on Thanksgiving morning!  I have found a place and people who make me laugh, push me to work harder in a positive way, and reinforce the fact that I am a winner just by walking in the door!  I always knew that fitness centers were for one’s physical health, however Full Throttle Fitness has assisted with my mental health just as much!  I find I get more accomplished during the day, have a more positive attitude with everything in life, made some really true friends (not an easy thing for an introvert!) and I smile a lot more (my son and husband appreciate this fact) since I joined FTFF.

Thanks FTFF for not judging, celebrating an overweight 44 year olds walk through the door, and providing an encouraging positive environment so I can improve my physical and mental well being.  I’m pretty sure you have saved the world from the wrath of Dayna on many occasions!

-Dayna G.


Why Indo-Row: This group exercise is motivated by the energy of the music, the instructor and  fellow rowers. Results are amazing if you commit yourself to a few classes a week. 4 classes per week have helped me lose 45lb in 1 year!  FTFF does not judge, you will love the family atmosphere and you will leave every class with a huge smile on your face and a happy feeling about yourself inside… all this, gets you results!

-Lyndon S


After a suggestion from a dear friend, wanting to get in shape, after turning 40. I made a phone call that would truly change my life. I called Full Throttle Fitness Factory. Not knowing what to expect. Lisa Houck picked up the phone and the energy was electric! She told me her story and I started the think if she could do it so could I. With new sneakers in both our hands we took our very first Zumba class!It was a long road but a happy one! FTFF was filled with love, support & kindness. Plus the unbeatable spirit from Lisa! I never once felt judged at all or pushed into something I couldn’t do. It was motivational comments & words of encouragement!

Each day I went back, I felt more confident. And my strength grew. Along with my family. Meeting new people who I now consider family & friends as my journey went on.

FTFF is for everyone at all stages in their life! It is a true blessing for me. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t started at FTFF. My life is completely different in the best way.

I look forward to my daily workouts & interactions with friends and fellow clients. It’s an environment you feel safe in letting your guard down in, really getting work in and improving myself from the inside out.

I highly recommend starting your journey with FTFF, Lisa & the rest of the amazing instructors.

-Shasta Maier


What began as an interest in taking Indo Row classes at FTFF to supplement our usual workout place next door has turned into a complete lifestyle change for my spouse and me!  Despite a few years of both of us changing our eating habits and working out on a regular basis, we were becoming bored with our usual routine.   With some tension as a couple that have completely different fitness backgrounds, we struggled working out together; mostly, with me comparing myself to the jock side of Mary.  I, having struggled with body image issues all my life, never felt the good side of working out that people talk about.  Mary was such a great inspiration and teammate at the gym, which gave me glimpses of what fitness can feel like.So, then came the addiction to Indo Row classes.  We both fell in love with the energy and ideals that FTFF instills in both of us.  We both set our individual goals and I only compare myself to me!  Mary, after a few row classes, was convinced that the workout was even better than the running ritual she had been doing, which made me very happy.  I was convinced she was going to need knee replacements before the age of 50!  And her knees weren’t hurting from the row classes!

Giving up our gym workout and throwing ourselves into a full time fitness program at FTFF has changed our lives.  We have both fallen in love with the ideals and principles of FTFF, and are addicted to the energy we feel EVERY time we leave there.  Lisa Houck has a way of making you push yourself beyond whatever you thought possible, yet take care of yourself however you need to.  When I look back to where I have come from in terms of my body image and fitness, I feel so inspired to keep pushing myself and keep connected to my FTFF family.  I love these people!  If you need to laugh, cry, feel better about yourself, feel fit and healthy…just try one class!  You will be hooked!

-Sue D.


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